The sea that divides us brings us together

Onassis Cultural Center Athens

Concept and coordination : Maria Tavlariou, visual artist
Workshop assistants : Yannis Tzavellas, Sofia Simaki & Maria Andrikopoulou (visual artists)

19-23 JUNE & 3-7 JULY 2017 | Kalymnos for children living in Kalymnos
26-30 JUNE & 3-7 JULY 2017 | Athens for children living in Athens

The workshops are addressed to children residing in Athens and Kalymnos aged 9 -12
Two different teams of children, one in Kalymnos and the other one in Athens, simultaneously play treasure hunt, a game put together by the children themselves.
As a starting point, the children will visit and will draw archaeological sites, making works that will exchange during the art workshops. While composing maps and puzzles for a game of treas- ure hunt, the activity will pleasantly familiarize them with important monuments of the place where they live.

We will try to experiment with a way of communicating completely different from the estab- lished means of telephone or electronic communication, which is partly related to correspond- ence by mail of children from different cities in the 1950s and ‘60s. In addition to promoting this new form of communication, children will get to know the place where they live and the place of the other group and become more familiar with painting and sculpture by playing.